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The Brief: To design a logo for a self employed house / pet sitter featuring a heart.

The Design Process:

* Sketches of a heart shape were drawn and a final shape was decided upon.

* Upon brainstorming further the idea of a window reflection / shine in the heart came about.  This helped to give a subtle hint to the nature of the business whilst leaving margin for the client to be able to expand her business in the future and keep the same visual identity.

* The heart was re-created on-screen with the pen tool and fine tuned.

* Several fonts were selected and whittled down.  A serif typeface was chosen as well as a script font to serve as a decorative break between.

* After deciding the logo needed more impact, a black box was introduced to compliment the red.  The text was re-arranged and mounted to fit the box.  A snip was taken out of the box in the bottom right hand corner to give slight reference to a house roof whilst breaking the monotonous square shape.

* The heart shape was mounted at top left with an enlarged outline version of the heart subtracted from the black box to create a keyline for clean seperation.

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