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Damn Good was delivered this morning and the overall opinion of the book is…it’s damn good!

Damn Good is a sturdy 200 page hardback by How Design.  The sections of the book are broken down into Print, Packaging, Identity and Misc which also covers interactive media.  Instead of the usual grid like presentation of work as commonly found in most logo focused book, Damn Good sees a mixture of layout on each page including large graphics with case studies, text heavy pages and standalone graphics sans case studies.  This makes for interesting viewing since each page layout is very different from the last, not to mention the case studies and associated designs which vary considerably  The variation is vast and each page is aesthetically pleasing.

Available from:

Our logos are shown in the context of others to give a feel for the layout of the book.

Our published pieces in order of appearance are: Anchor Marine, Tytology, Lisa, Queen of Tarts, Epro and Poop.

anchor marine logo design damn good

tytology logo design damn good

lisa logo design damn good

queen of tarts damn good logo design

epro logo design damn good

poop logo design damn good

damn good logo design book credits webcore design

 Below is snippet of some of the other design content featured in Damn Good:

atari logo

disney logo

lacoste ad design


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