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In the past few weeks I’ve received an overwhelming response to my work.  So much so, it’s been difficult to keep track of happenings and I’m finding it increasing difficult to not repeat myself upon the announcement of each!  I’ll therefore present the official press release (shown below) which addresses the news nicely.  To summarise, I’m once again honoured to be in yet another publication – especially one of the caliber of the Wolda Annual / Award, claiming no less than 5 pages with my five selected pieces.  My thanks goes to the judges!


wolda 10 daniel evans webcore design


wolda 10 logo design daniel evans webcore


September 22, 2011

Wolda, The Worldwide Logo Design Annual is the innovative graphic design awards scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks throughout the world.

Webcore Design was named the World’s best design firm in the third edition of Wolda, the Worldwide Logo Design Annual, selected with other 200 winning logos (180 professionals + 20 students) among of 1, 400 submitted entries from around the world for both Wolda Professional and Talent. Wolda is the innovative graphic design awards scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world and the only award scheme endorsed by more than 100 other international design associations and schools.

Thanks to its originality and design excellence, the “Lisa, Wicked Smaht, Tytology, Say Cheese Photography, Enlightenment”, logos have been selected for the “Wolda Talent ‘10” award and will be receive a honourable mention on the Wolda website.

All winning entries for Wolda ’10 are displayed online at www.wolda.org

For further information, visit www.wolda.org (see Press area) or contact Areti Maniati at areti@wolda.org

Wolda’10 was made possible by its prestigious design associations that have granted us their valuable endorsement (see the full list at www.wolda.org). Thanks also to our important media partners, greatly supporting and publicising Wolda worldwide: 2+3 grafika plus produkt, ArabAd, Behance, Design 360°, Design Dump, Design Magazine, Dexigner, ètapes, Fwa, Grafik Tasarim, Identity, IdN, Kak, Klik, Netdiver, New Web Pick, Novum, Package and Design, Taxi, Typo, Vision Union and Zupi.


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