hiiibrand award daniel evans webcore design

hiiibrand award webcore designI was pleased to see that four of my logo designs were up for nomination for the Hiiibrand Professional Logo Design Award 2011 as discussed here some weeks ago.

The award includes both Professional Level & Student with the following categories in each: Brand, Logo and Package.  Collectively there were 1,103 pieces of work submitted.  Within the Professional Logo category in which I entered, there were a total of 17 countries and regions, 70 design agencies / designers and 96 work pieces up for nomination.

The winners were announced on the 4th May by the Hiiibrand jury.

Upon checking the results I was overwhelmed to discover that my Clickplant logo was above 94 of those pieces scoring a Silver Award alongside Peter Vasvari of Hungary and Shusuke Matsubara of Japan.

It’s an honor to have won this award, not to mention having those larger players in the design industry judge my work.

Winners are due to be published in “New Graphic 29″ available for the Hiiibrand Store.

hiiibrand award daniel evans webcore design clickbank

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